Toronto Club Bruce Trail Day Biodiversity Hike

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10/01/2023 10:30 AM - 12:00 PM

Toronto Club Bruce Trail Day Biodiversity Hike

  • HikeType TBTC Special Events
  • PaceTypes Leisurely
  • TerrainTypes Variable
  • PaidOuting No

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Hosting Club: Toronto
Category: TBTC Special Events
Location (Google Maps): All Bruce Trail Day hikes will start from the LImehouse Community Center 22nd Side Rd and Fifth LIne.

Hike Leader(s): KJ Chong Click here to contact Hike Leader(s)

Pace: Leisurely
Terrain: Variable
Distance: 3-5 Km


The theme for 2023 Bruce Trail Day is " Welcoming" Everyone is welcome on the Bruce Trail. Ask a friend or neighbour to come out and join you today on one of the BTC Day hikes. Ideal hike for families.
This hike will be lead by members of the TBTC Biodiversity team. It will be a nature walk through two of the BTC properties. It will follow the main trail and some of the blue side trails. There is lots to see as the seasons change and the fall colours come into their beauty. The leaders will explain the I naturalist app and how to identify plants and trees along the trail.