Spring Ephemeral Hike Series: Woodford Escarpment

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04/19/2024 1:30 PM - 3:30 PM

Spring Ephemeral Hike Series: Woodford Escarpment

  • HikeType Botany Hike
  • PaceTypes Leisurely: 3 km/h or less
  • TerrainTypes Moderate: Some hills and/or poor footing
  • PaidOuting No
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Hosting Club: Sydenham
Category: Botany Hike
Location (Google Maps): Woodford Community Centre Parking Lot

Hike Leader(s): Jeannine Kralt Click here to contact Hike Leader(s)

Pace: Leisurely: 3 km/h or less
Terrain: Moderate: Some hills and/or poor footing
Distance: 4km


The second in our series of spring ephemeral hikes - Woodford Escarpment has a wide variety of spring ephemerals, including both native Dicentra species, Bloodroot, Trout Lilies, Wild Ginger and Violets, amongst others. We'll see what we can find. We'll be completing a loop including the Woodford Escarpment Side Trail. Portions of this trail are quite rocky, with some up and downhill sections - good footwear is a must. There is an optional bypass of a stretch through a notable crevice.

This leisurely hike will be a classic Discovery Hike, with a focus on spring wildflowers - participants are encouraged to ask questions, and we'll briefly stop to look at things we find. This section also has interesting geology, which can briefly be discussed if participants are interested. Photographers welcome. There is a chance that this hike might be moved slightly, given the warmer end to winter this year (it's been hard to predict timing). Participants will be contacted in advance if that is to be the case.

This hike also appears in Ron Savage's book Exploring Sydenham - sufficient time will be available to locate the code.

Carpooling encouraged - get in touch with the hike leader if you are in need of a ride. Please plan to arrive 15 minutes in advance of the start time. An email confirming conditions will be sent out in advance of the hike. Please contact Jeannine via the hike leader contact form should there be any questions or concerns.