Esthers Bluff

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08/16/2020 1:15 PM - 12:00 AM

Esthers Bluff

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Hosting Club: Sydenham
Category: Family Hike
Location (Google Maps): Roadside parking at the intersection of Concession 24 and Burgess Sideroad (where the western end of the Slough of Despond Side Trail meets Concession 24).
Hike Leader(s): Danuta Valleau Click here to contact Hike Leader(s)
Pace: Leisurely: 3 km/h or less
Terrain: Moderate: Some hills and/or poor footing
Distance: approx 8 km loop


Walk along Burgess Side Rd north off Concession 24 following the escarpment above the Slough of Despond to Esthers Bluff lookout, take the Presidents Path Loop through the forest to return to access trail. Map 34