Blue Series Hike : 5 Side trails combo in Colpoy’s Bluff

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07/28/2023 08:30 AM

Blue Series Hike : 5 Side trails combo in Colpoy's Bluff

  • PaceTypes Medium
  • TerrainTypes Moderate
  • PaidOuting No

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Hosting Club: Peninsula

Location (Google Maps): Colpoy's Bluff Area

Hike Leader(s): Saabir Sohrab Click here to contact Hike Leader(s)

Pace: Medium
Terrain: Moderate
Distance: ~14km


Join us for a captivating hike adventure at Colpoy's Bluff. We will gather at Crawford Drive (44.819242,-81.072797) before embarking on a thrilling exploration of the five side trails. This scenic loop traverses Colpoy's Bluff, Crawford Drive, Gatis, Whicher, and Mallory Beach trails, each offering unique sights and experiences. As we hike the trails, be prepared to encounter mesmerizing views of the surrounding landscape. One interesting highlight is the intriguing vanishing stream on the Whicher Side Trail, named after one of the founding families of Colpoys's Bay, adding an air of mystery to our journey. Additionally, the Colpoy's Bluff side trail follows the path of an old logging road, while the Gatis side trail is named after a former president of the Peninsula Club, who generously granted permission in the 1960s for locals to hike on his land. Get ready for an unforgettable hiking experience filled with natural wonders and historical significance.
This hike is approximately 14 kilometers at a moderate pace of 3km/h, in rough terrain with ascents and descents navigating rocks and tree roots along the path. Wear sturdy footwear, bring sunscreen, bug repellent and most import of all bring water and snack/lunch. Allow 6 hours for the hike.
All kilometre map references are based on the Bruce Trail Guide Book Edition 30, Map #36/36.