Birding with Rod

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06/03/2024 07:30 AM

Birding with Rod

  • PaceTypes Leisurely
  • TerrainTypes ,Easy,Moderate
  • PaidOuting No

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Hosting Club: Peninsula

Location (Google Maps): Otter Lake Nature Reserve. Bruce Trail Map 39. Meet at the Otter Lake SideTrail entrance on Cape Chin Road North. Roadside Parking. GPS Coordinates 45.113223, -81.3166099. Car pool if possible.

Hike Leader(s): Marg Glendon Click here to contact Hike Leader(s)

Pace: Leisurely
Terrain: Easy, Moderate
Distance: ~2 1/2 KM


We continue our series of Spring Easy Hikes with respected, local birder - Rod Steinacher - at Otter Lake Nature Reserve. Rod will offer bird identification support and share his knowledge about birds during our avian adventure. Otter Lake Nature Reserve is part of a provincially significant wetland complex comprised of a marsh, thicket swamp, deciduous swamp, fen and Otter Lake itself. This wetland supports a variety of marsh birds, fish, amphibians, and reptiles. Some of the threatened bird species include the Meadowlark, Bob-o-link and Red-headed Woodpecker. This slow-paced hike will be a “walk-stop-listen-watch” hike and will traverse relatively flat, but uneven terrain. Plan on 2 ½ hours. What to bring: Bring a light backpack to carry water, snacks, binoculars, sunscreen, insect repellent and your favourite bird ID resource.

Optional: Camera, lightweight portable stool and nature journal. Download the Merlin and/or Seek app (both free) on your phone. This will be used for ID purposes only -not for calling. What to wear: Sturdy footwear with good tread. The trail may be muddy in places. Wear a hat and sun protective clothing.